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cadet_cassie's Journal

Cassie Ainsworth
1 June 1990
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Name:Cassie Ainsworth
Age: 19
Fandom: Skins

Background: Cassie comes from a well off, middle class family. Her mother and father however are more interested in themselves, art and keeping their relationship exciting to care very much about either Cassie or her baby brother Reuben. They pay little interest in her life, thus allowing her the freedom to hang out with her friends, get drunk and get high without them knowing anything about it. While they do know about her mental problems they do not know just how serious they are and believe that she is largely over them, thanks to her perky personality and ability to hide her problems from them easily.

Cassie was in the first year of college where, although she was popular and always seemed very happy she suggered from very low self-esteem, something which caused her to sleep around with many of the male students in order to feel wanted if only for a short while. She was well known for this, and for being good in bed but does not seem to mind this fact too much. At the start of Skins she had only very recently been discharged from a mental hospital where she was being treated for anorexia and self-harm. The day of her realise she went to a party at the request of her friend Michelle in order to sleep with Michelle's boyfriend's best friend Sid. Sid however was in love with Michelle, but did like Cassie because she showed an interest in him. Because of this he actually took a genuine interest in Cassie, beyond the usual sex. Cassie then fell for Sid, believing him to have sent her text messages telling her eat, but as it turned out she was just imagining them.

Cassie was well aware that Sid was in love with Michelle, but because she liked him so much refused to give up, hoping that he would at some point realise that Michelle would never leave Tony and that Cassie was the better bet. She even planned a date for them (breaking into his room because he was grounded), but Sid went out with Tony and Michelle instead, leaving Cassie alone in his room for hours. When he did show up Cassie realised she was wasting her time and took an over dose of pills and vodka. Her friend Jal found her and she ended up back at the hospital. Since then she's been released, but still isn't exactly stable, nor does she see many of her friends very often.

Edit Cassie's now pretty much up to the start of Series 2 of Skins with a few differences. She had a brief relationship with Sid Jenkins, but was sent to Elgin in Scotland by her parents because they believed she needed to get away from her friends. Elgin was good for her, she was happy and sober, but missing the wild lifestyle she had in Bristol. Now she's back home though things are different, Tony was in an accident (this fact depends on whether Tony shows up in any games) and she's no longer with Sid, as she's too complicated for him. She's also desperate to get high again, but with everything being a mess with her friends(and the fact they aren't in any games) she doesn't feel able to go out with them.

Post canon (AU) Cassie ran away to New York after Chris, her best friend died. She couldn't take it living in Bristol without him so left, but only for a few months. After a while she returned, confident just about everyone else would have left for university. Whether that's true or not she has no idea, because she never goes to any of the old places. Soon after her arrival back home Cassie began working as a prostitute at the brother Cook took JJ to in Series 3. There she met the infamous Johnny White, gangster, murderer and submissive. She was instantly attracted to his submissiive nature and after working for him once she knew she couldn't carry on sleeping with men for money. Something he agreed with, and 'suggested' she quit her job. Cassie is now more or less his posession, though she'll always say she's his girlfriend, which is also is. She likes belonging to him though, because he's the only person she believes has ever really cared about her.

Personality: A lot of the time Cassie seems very child-like and innocent wearing plastic home made jewellery etc. She's also generally very perky and friendly to everyone, whether she knows them or not. She is also very talkative and energetic. Due to her self-esteem issues she seems very surprised whenever anyone shows any interest in her well being and when people do treat her in this way she becomes very grateful and protective of them. Despite her generally happy demeanour she is also something of a tortured soul, wearing a mask of happiness and getting drunk/high in order to ignore the feeling that no one really loves her and that she will never be good enough. She will very rarely show how unhappy she is, tending to only let that aspect her out when she is alone, in unhealthy ways such self-harm, binge eating etc.

List of her mental illnesses Substance abuse (both alcohol and drugs), anorexia (both nervosa and bulimia), self-harm, suicidal tendancies, obsessive compulsive personality disorder, low self-esteem, manic depression.

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