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RP for the_monkey_man

September 21st, 2009 (06:40 pm)

Somehow everything was different now. Cassie still remembered the moment Chris had nearly died. She'd scared quite a few times in her life, but that had been the worse. She was pretty sure it was something she'd never get over. The sight of him laying there. She'd been so sure that been it, that she was going to lose the one person she could genuinely rely on. She'd ridden in the ambulance with him, called Jal and waited in the corridor pretty certain she was going to go mad for real this time. She had no idea what she was going to do if he died and she knew that was selfish, she just couldn't quite help it.

That had been months ago now and Jal had gone off to university while Cassie had given her her word that she'd look after Chris, keep an eye on him, because really that was a full time job, wasn't it? One she rather liked actually, being useful and spending time with Chris was always fun even if she was trying to be a good influence for fear for him getting sick again. She'd never forgive herself if anything happened to him.

Right now she was cooking, something healthy so she didn't need to worry too much about the whole eating issue. She was pretty sure Chris hated all this, the healthy lifestyle she'd been attempting to force on him, but for now she didn't really care all that much.


Posted by: Chris Miles (the_monkey_man)
Posted at: September 22nd, 2009 07:38 am (UTC)

It was funny, everything that had gone on over the past few months. He'd almost died again. Christopher Miles had officially escaped death twice now. There had been two hemorrhages, and that last one had almost cost him his life. For real that time. It had been quite scary, looking back on it. One minute, he was in a bloody amazing shirt in front of the mirror, and the next, he was choking on his own vomit while bleeding out of what felt like every other orifice. He'd blacked out after that, obviously. He didn't remember much of what followed. Chris had officially died again. Four minutes this time. His heart had stopped, he'd stopped breathing, and everyone had thought him gone. But then, he'd started back up again, thus proving Chris was far too stubborn to die. A day later, he'd woken up, asking for Jal first thing, obviously. And Jal had been lovely, wonderful, even. She'd never strayed from his side. Until she had to. And then Sid, Michelle, and Tony had to go, too. And Maxxie and Anwar had been long gone by that point. One by one they sort of all faded out of the picture, leaving him behind. And he knew they had to, it didn't make him sad or anything. It was just a little funny how quickly they'd all gone.

Except Cassie. Cassie had stayed. He wasn't sure why. The girl was brilliant and could definitely have got in to any university of her choosing. But instead, Cass had chosen to stay here, with him. God knew why. He wasn't very fun lately. It wasn't like he could go out and party every night like he used to. The doctors had expressly forbade that. At first he hadn't wanted to listen. He'd gone so far as to drink and take pills anyway. What was life without a little indulgence, right? But he'd been trying lately to cut back. Just a little. It didn't hurt that Cassie was on a health regime. Eat healthily, act that way, be healthy. And part of him really appreciated it. No one had bothered to do that before, really. It was new and a little bit odd. But nice. It was definitely something he could live with, even if it was strange. Right now, though, he was getting quite stir-crazy. All he wanted to do was be better and not an invalid anymore. He felt much better, hadn't had any problems since. But the doctors advised not doing things like looking for jobs or going out too often. And that drove Chris absolutely batty. Staying inside was torture. He'd even started watching television. Awful.

Now, though, Chris was waiting by his phone for Jal to call. And she hadn't, yet. She was probably quite busy practicing. She practiced even more now, at all bloody hours of the day, stopping only when he'd harassed her to talk to him with five different methods of communication. And then it was like old times for a little while, until she had to go again. But that was all right. She was going to succeed. She was going to be brilliant and famous, and he was going to be better so that he'd be able to be at the front row of all her concerts. That was just the way it had to be. So for now, he put the phone in his pocket, telling himself she'd definitely call within the night. Besides, something smelled good from the kitchen. He walked in and leaned against the counter, stealing a bite of the shit Cassie was cooking with his finger, wrinkling his nose immediately afterwards not because the cooking was bad (it was delicious, actually,) but because sticking one's fingers into hot pans was not smart.

"That's brilliant, Cass. You're gonna share it, yeah?"

He grinned hopefully, knowing the answer. Actually though, if she did insist on eating all of it, he wouldn't complain. She should eat more. If he had to be healthy, so did she.

Posted by: Cassie Ainsworth (cadet_cassie)
Posted at: September 22nd, 2009 10:30 pm (UTC)
delighted grin

Cassie had never really much of a fan of thinking about the future, it was like looking forward just to see all the bad things that would happen. She didn't like to think about it because part of her still wasn't sure she wanted to see it, or if indeed she would see it or perhaps one day everything would get too much and she'd try to kill herself again, and this time do it properly. Only that thought had only really been around before Chris had become ill, because she wouldn't just leave him to fend for himself. She'd gone through the motions though, applied to various universities just like the rest of them, got accepted into all of them. She'd even accepted a place, but she hadn't actually gone so far as to try to organise anything, send back all the papers that were needed to complete the process because Chris had been ill and really her education didn't really matter all much. did it? Not like Jal's did or even Michelle's. She'd always known she was never going to leave him, because Jal had to and the idea of going to London with the knowledge that Chris was stuck in Bristol, without any of his friends broke her heart. So here she was, in a fairly nice little flat in Bristol with her best friend. She was pretty sure this was better than being stuck in London, trying to make friends, over obsessing about every little thing until it all became too much and she stopped eating again. No this was better, just her and Chris looking after each other.

"You know they give you a shit load of stuff to read, yeah?" she asked, noting him watching his phone. "She'll phone later and you know what they say about a watched pot, right? I reckon the same probably applies to phones." When he wrinkled his nose though she laughed slightly. "One day you'll learn the stuff in pans on the cooker's normally hot," she told him. "I feel like I need to stick warning signs on everything something, just so you don't hurt yourself. Or maybe I'll just like baby proof everything. Probably safer."

She turned to face him at his compliment though, grinned an actual real smile at him. "No Chris, I was thinking I'd just chuck it all away," se replied sarcastically. "Of course I'm sharing! I'm your wench, remember? I have to feed you...and apparently make tea at really strange hours of the day. I'm half expecting some kind of uniform for Christmas, or a little bell."

Posted by: Chris Miles (the_monkey_man)
Posted at: September 22nd, 2009 11:32 pm (UTC)

If someone had told him his life would be this just a bit over a year ago, and he would have laughed in that person's face. A year ago he'd been in college albeit doing quite badly. His mum was still around. She hadn't left. And things had been sort of normal in his world. It had sort of been all right. And then everything HAD to turn bloody upside down, starting with his mum and of course culminating in the unfortunate second hospitalization. But he wasn't complaining, not at all. Given all that had happened, he was a damn sight better off than he could have been. He should be homeless right now, on the street or even dead. But Chris was sort of like a cat. He always ended up all right in the end. And he had nine lives, apparently. Two done, seven to go. He could live with seven. And this one was quite amazing, really. He never would have been able to think of Cass as his best friend before all this happened, but now they were basically inseperable. It was quite funny, really, the people who stuck by you. He was glad Cassie had.

He shrugged a little and let the phone lie, with only the slightest of quick glances back at it, JUST to make sure.

"Watch what? I'm not watching anything. And I dunno, Cass. Watched pot generally stays safer. No one trying to nick it all over the place!"

He laughed a little, lame though it was, and this time took a spoon to steal more of dinner.

"This is bloody delicious, though, really. Even though yeah, sort of dangerous. It's not my fault hot things smell really fucking good."

He stopped, and hopped up onto the counter next to her, smiling down at her.

"Course you're my wench, wenchy. And as such, I order you to finish this soon. And serve it on the sofa."

As an after thought he added "With dessert if at all possible."

Posted by: Cassie Ainsworth (cadet_cassie)
Posted at: September 24th, 2009 07:40 pm (UTC)

Cassie hadn't actually felt this settled ever, which was odd all things considered. She'd pretty much forced herself on him afterall. True she hasn't been in her right mind at the time btu she stil felt a little bad about it. Chris had always been so nice about everything though, had never told her to go away even while she thrown a hugh party without asking him. When she'd finally got something of a grip again though he'd supported her in a way no one had and they really had become close. So much so that she couldn't really imagine living without him now, it just felt wrong, not having him with her.

"Course you're not," she replied, clearly not believing him for a second. Really she felt a little bad for him. She'd have to email Jal or something, see if anything was happening. "And I was watching when you stuck your finger in the sauce, Chris. I just figured I'd let you learn not to do that the hard way, again."

She eyed him, trying not to smile as he picked up a spoon. At least it was a little more hygenic and really she liked cooking for him, even if he could rarely wait until it was actually ready. "No but it's your fault you're an inpatient, greedy bastard," she pointed out.

"You order me to have it finished soon, do you?" she asked, looking up at him with a raised eyebrow. "Maybe if people'd stop distracting me it'd be done already." Reaching forward she took the spoon off him in an attempt to spot him from eating all the pasta sauce before the pasta itself was even done.

"God Chris you'll be requesting starters soon!" she protested. "But there is some ice cream in the freezer if that works for you. Unless you were expecting me to bake you some kind pie from scratch."

Posted by: Chris Miles (the_monkey_man)
Posted at: September 24th, 2009 11:11 pm (UTC)

Chris couldn't turn Cassie away. Not back then, when she sort of got him sacked. Not ever. Especially not right now. She was always a good friend. And she needed someone to take her in, didn't she? She couldn't just be alone, left to wander through the world. Because he'd been like that once, too. And it had been absolute shit. Chris never wanted to be homeless and jobless again. Granted, it wasn't THAT much better right now. He was just selling some pills he'd stored up to get by. And some he'd legally attained for once. People would pay a fuckload for the pain pills that they'd given him at the hospital. But he'd refilled that prescription for as much as they'd give him. Because they WERE pretty fucking good. But he'd promised not to take as many anymore. Just in case that was what set the hemorhages off. And he really hoped that wasn't true. But he definitely wasn't going to die. Not for another almost-seven minutes-total. And definitely not forever.

He gave the spoon one last impudent lick before allowing her to snatch it away. She really had to act like his mother sometimes, which she probably didn't like very much. But then, on some other days, they gave each other advice. And it was all okay in the end. Right now, she was his best friend, and Chris was extremely kind to his best friends. Or, he completely abused them. Depending on the day and the hour. And right now seemed rather ripe for abuse. He hopped from the counter, and ruffled her hair, kissing her cheek in the same motion, and then jumping back slightly so that she wouldn't hit him after.

"You know...starters WOULD make this even more perfect."

He smirked, "helping" by stirring the pot of noodles so that at least he looked like he had a valid excuse to be in the kitchen.

"And I'm not a greedy bastard thank you very much, bitchy-wenchy. For that, you can make pie."

He paused to consider it.

"Tomorrow. I suppose it would take too long tonight."

Chris tilted his head at the sauce, wondering momentarily. "Did you put vanilla in that? Tastes as good as Sid's that time."

Not that he wanted to recall that night. Bad things had happened. But...they WERE fucking good meatballs.

Posted by: Cassie Ainsworth (cadet_cassie)
Posted at: September 24th, 2009 11:30 pm (UTC)

The thing was Cassie was used to looking after herself. She'd done it for as long as she could remember and she'd fully expected it to always be like that because it was safer than relying on other people, who let you down. Only Chris hadn't of course. Chris had been fucking wonderful, all the time and it felt odd knowing that. She'd never trusted anyone quite so much and despite the fact she believed everyone else would fuck her over she honestly believed he wouldn't.

She was used to the abuse, or friendly banter as she thought of it. Because she knew when it came down to it they could be like that without worrying about it being taken the wrong way because they got each other. "I'm banning you from the fucking kitchen in the future, Christopher!" she said waving the spoon threatening to him. "And you are not getting a starter until you start eating at the table like the civilised people do."

She smirked as he attempted to help. Really she didn't mind it at all. She liked having him around and cooking wasn't exactly exciting. "Fuck you, Chris! You should make me a pie! Or at least help me and I mean like actual help, not just sittig around eating everything!"

"No," she said simply. "I figured since I'd be eating it too I'd avoid all that weird shit. And it had better taste better than Sid's! I swear your medications fucking up your taste buds."

Posted by: Chris Miles (the_monkey_man)
Posted at: September 25th, 2009 12:50 am (UTC)

He had no desire to fuck this up. After all, he'd sort of fucked up everything else in life.His brother had died. His dad and mum had divorced. He'd lost his house within about three days of living alone, been kicked out of school, and made himself so bloody unhealthy that he almost died. And really...he'd been content with that for a while. Almost. He'd never really wanted to die, but on the same hand, it wouldn't be SUCH a great fucking tragedy, would it. But not anymore. He didn't want to die, now that he'd actually come quite close. Life was too good. Especially right now. He had the girl of his dreams, his best friend...what more could he want, really?

Except more sauce, of course, but Cass had the spoon. He grabbed it out of her hand and hit her (gently) on the arm with it.
"You know, what Cassandra? I am helping. Look. I'm stirring. And I can't eat at the table because you can't smoke at the table."

He'd given lots up. But he was still allowed spliff. He insisted upon it, actually. How could he know what he was selling if he didn't try ANYthing? That just made no sense. He frowned at the pasta momentarily.

"Are these done yet?"

He had no concept of cookery. But that was all right. Usually, he didn't have to. Some days, he tried to take over, but it generally ended up being 'fuck it, we're ordering in' on those nights.

"And, by the way, I'm definitely NOT baking you anything. You're my wench, meaning it's your job to make my pies, clean my toilets, and if I so choose, have my children. So you know what, deal with it."

He smirked, but his face lit up a little at the idea that she was eating. That had improved, too. As far as he could tell, anyway, and Chris had been watching. He knew better than to point it out at this point. But he was glad.

"Fine. I GUESS you can eat some of my food. I still say Amaretto is nice in sauce, though."

It HAD been rather delicious. He chose that moment to tilt his head, a bit curious.

"How is Sid, anyhow?"

Posted by: Cassie Ainsworth (cadet_cassie)
Posted at: September 28th, 2009 11:28 pm (UTC)
broken up

That was just it wasn't it? A lot of people were alive because suicide was too big a step, but aliving- it took a lot of effort really, didn't it? So people just drifted on, lived day by day until something good happened to make people actually try.

She attempted a glare when he yet again stole the spoon, but it was difficult to glare when you were giggling. "You know strictly speaking you shouldn't smoke while we're at all. One day I'm going you down and teach you some fucking table manners! At an actual table." Really it good that he still smoke spliff, because otherwise Cass probably would have felt for smoking it herself and God knew she couldn't be totally clear headed 24/7 it just wasn't on.

She peered into the pot at the question, the little twirls of pasta floating at the top. "Another minute?" she offered, not all that sure herself, but she definitely had a better idea than Chris, still at least he tried. That counted for a hell of a lot in her book.

"Have your children!" she repeated, torn between laughter and complete stunned silence. "So what's the plan then? You wank into a cup and send me off with a turkey baster, or do I actually have to shag you as well?"

And yes she was eating because she had to, because it had stopped being fun not doing so and because if she got 'sick' again who was going to look after Chris? No it was much better to eat, just healthy, or something.

"And watch it you! I don't have to fucking cook for you! And I don't care what you say, perhaps if you buy some Amaretto I'll put some in yours but I have intention of making my dinner completely inedible!"

And there it was, the subject of Sid and they'd been doing so well not mentioning him. "How the fuck I know?" she asked, looking away. "I mean it's not like I really talk to him much, it's not like I even want to. I think it's better this way anyway. Clean break and all that."

Posted by: Chris Miles (the_monkey_man)
Posted at: September 30th, 2009 05:45 am (UTC)

Table Manners??

Chris remembered those. Vaguely. Back from family dinners with his parents and Peter. Apparently it was very much not in good form to hide peas underneath the rug, espsecially when your mum found them weeks later and they'd grown moldy and were smashed into some prehistoric-goo looking thing. But honestly, they were peas. Who ate those? They were disgusting. They were GREEN. Green was just not a natural colour for food to be, especially when coupled with roundness, as he'd told Cass probably about a dozen times.

"Um. I know my table manners thank you very much."

He rapped her on the head, pretending to be very offended indeed. But it never lasted long, because he couldn't help bursting out into a rather large grin.

"Use your outside fork first, and put the silverware on the plate when you're done. I'm fucking classy, Cass."

He couldn't help laughing at that himself. Because Chris Miles was perhaps the complete antithesis of Classy. He hated pretentious airs and would rather just stuff food down his face. He was a growing boy. Sort of. He was hungry, always, and the constant steady stream of spliff into his system did not help that at all. In fact, it did the opposite. In fact, by all rights he should probably be really, really fat by now. But he wasn't, so he wouldn't even think about it. And at Cassie's indignation, he let loose a little laugh before looking at her, completely seriously.

"Turkey baster. Obviously. I wouldn't give you the pleasure of actually shagging you, Cass. You're just my child-bearing wench, not my actual mistress."

In case that sounded a bit harsh, his smirk showed that he wasn't serious, at all. This was just how he passed his time around here. And he loved it. Really, he should get a legitimate job sometime soon. Jal was never pleased when he told her that he sold merchandise for money, but really, what other options did he have right now? He didn't want to get sick again. That was the main thing. He couldn't. Because three strikes, and you're out, and he had no desire to be dead yet. So he wasn't planning on dying, ever. Or at least not anytime soon. When Cassie got rather avoiding with the subject of Sid, Chris shrugged a little, pretending it wasn't a big deal. Maybe it wasn't. She didn't seem to be TOO broken up about it...maybe it had just been time for those two to go their seperate ways. That happened, sometimes.

"Good then, yeah?" He grinned at her, lighting up a joint from his pocket in a slight peace offering, taking a hit, and passing it to her. It would make food taste better, at the very least.
"Fuck Sid!"

Although he supposed he should've mentioned not literally.

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